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Examination Branch

(Delhi Technological University)

(Formerly Delhi College of Engineering)

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Notice : Creating and Updating of Academic Bank of Credits(ABC) ID       
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Dear Friends,
             I Welcome you on the web- page of Examination &   Result Branch. I assure you that this page will help you to get the information related to the branch online and on 24X7 basis.                              


Examination Branch: It is one of the duties of the University to hold examinations and confer the degrees and other academic distinction on persons who fulfill the requisite qualifications/ conditions. The Examination Branch of the University therefore is the backbone of the University.

Registration Link

Notice : Creating and Updating of Academic Bank of Credits(ABC) ID

Result Declared B.Tech. I Semester : 08.05.2023

Final DateSheet End Term Examination : 25.04.2023

Format for Submitting Question Paper for Mid Term Examination

Result Declared B.Tech. III & V Semester : 20.01.2023

Result Declared B.Tech. VII Semester : 17.01.2023

Result Declared M.Tech. III Semester : 10.01.2023

Result Declared MBA(Executive) III Semester : 04.01.2023<

Result Declared MBA(DSM) I Semester : 03.01.2023

Result Declared MBA(DSM) I Semester : 03.01.2023

Registration Schedule for Even semester of the Academic Year 2022-23 : 30.11.2022

Admit card End Term Examination Nov/Dec-2022 : 14.11.2022

Final DateSheet End Term Examination : 09.11.2022

Tentative DateSheet End Term Examination : 28.10.2022

Result B.Tech. II Semester : 20.10.2022

DateSheet Mid Semester Examination : 02.09.2022

Admit Card for End Term Examination(August-2022) for B.Tech. II Semester : 29.07.2022

DateSheet End Sem B.Tech. II Semester : 04.07.2022

DateSheet Mid Sem B.Tech. II Semester : 02.06.2022

Consolidated Result Declared B.Tech.( Lateral Entry ) : 01.06.2022

Consolidated Result Declared B.Tech.( CE, CO, EC, EE ) : 31.05.2022

Consolidated Result Declared B.Tech.( AE, ME, SE ) : 30.05.2022

Consolidated Result Declared B.Tech.( BT, EP, IT, PE, PS ) : 28.05.2022

Consolidated Result Declared B.Tech.(EN, MC), BA(Hon.) Economics : 27.05.2022

Consolidated Result Declared B.Des./MBA-USME/BBA : 26.05.2022

Consolidated Result Declared MBA/M.Sc./B.Tech.(Eve.) : 25.05.2022

Result Declared B.Tech./EMBA/MBA-USME Final Semester : 20.05.2022

Result Declared MBA(BA)/B.Des.Final Semester : 18.05.2022

Result Declared MBA(FB)/BA(Hon.) Economics Final Semester : 17.05.2022

Result Declared MBA(Executive)I : 03.02.2022

Discrepancy Performa.

Result Declared B.Tech.(EC) V : 28.01.2022

Result Declared B.Tech. V/III/M.Sc. I : 21.01.2022

Result Declared M.Tech. I/B.Des. III : 14.01.2022

Result Declared M.Tech. I Semester : 12.01.2022

Result Declared MBA(DSM) and MBA(BA) III Semester : 07.01.2022

Result Declared M.Tech. III Semester : 06.01.2022

Result Declared B.A.(Hon.) Economics and B.Tech.(Cont. Education) II Semester : 25.08.2021

Result Declared Ph.D. Course Work : 23.08.2021

Result Declared B.Tech. Final Semester : 15.06.2021

Result Declared BBA and B.Tech.(Eve.)(Except EC) Final Semester : 11.06.2021

Notice : Extension of Registration Date for Ex-Students (Old Scheme) of B.Tech., B.Tech. (Evening), M.Tech., M.Tech. (Part Time), MBA, MBA(Executive) Programmes for the Even Semester of Academic Year 2020-2021 : 07.05.2021

Circular : Submission of Details of Registered MOOC Courses in Even Semester 2020-21 : 05.05.2021

Data Validation for Preparation of Consolidated Results of Final Semester Students : 01.05.2021

Result B.Tech. V Semester : 11.02.2021

Result B.Tech. III Semester : 10.02.2021 malatya oto kiralama istanbul eşya depolama beşiktaş sex shop şehirler arası nakliyat istanbul ofis taşıma parça eşya taşıma tuzcuoğlu nakliyat malatya temizlik php shell who shell ümit bijuteri

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Result BA(Hon.) Economics III Semester : 15.01.2021 ; Result BA(Hon.) Economics V Semester : 18.01.2021

Reregistered Result B.Tech. 2K16, 2K17, 2K18 Batch : 15.09.2020

Result M.Tech. II Semester(5 Branches), B.Tech.(Eve.) ME VI Semester : 07.09.2020

Result Old Scheme B.Tech./BT.Tech.(Eve.) II/IV/VI/VIII ; M.Tech. II Semester(10 Branches), M.Sc. II Semester, B.Des. II Semester : 04.09.2020

Semester Result B.Tech. II, B.Tech.(Eve.) IV/VI, BBA IV, EMBA II etc.. : 03.09.2020

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